SEO – 21 Tips and Tricks that will help a lot! Part II

Continued from Part I

Tips and tricks for SEO beginners.

Avoid text in images

The alternate text is a must as it increases accessibility. The alternate text should be meaningful in the context of the image and if possible should be a keyword. Linking images (at least the important ones) as visitor tend to click images. It should be done wisely though. Search engines value if it makes sense.

There are hundreds of search engines other than Google, Yahoo and Bing. Avoid using flash. Use Social networking sites for social marketing.12. HTML tags like <h1>, <em>, <strong>, etc can be read by search engines which give the data more importance than surrounding data. Don’t ask me how; it’s again the algorithm thing. Using keywords with these tags wisely can boost the SEO.

Submit URL

There are hundreds of search engines other than Google, Yahoo and Bing. There are even specialized search engines for specific categories like books, movies, etc. Many of these search engines accept free submission of URLs. It is a great way to boost SEO by registering and submitting to as many search engines as possible.

Have a blog

Integrating a blog with your site (i.e. your site has a blog in it) is a good idea as ensures new content is added frequently to your site. It is a cool method to boost your organization’s SEO.

Outbound links

Outbound links should be chosen wisely. Linking to reputed and similar sites will help you also. But make sure the site maintains credibility and page rank otherwise it could be bad for you.

No Frames

Avoid using frames. If you just have to use it then have a no frame version for the search engines.

No Flash

Avoid using flash. And if you must use it, then use descriptive alternative texts. And as in images try not use critical data in the flash as search engines will ignore them.

Meta tag language

Set language in Meta tag as it helps the search engine to index you for a particular language. If someone searches for results only in English you have a better chance of visibility.

Article marketing

Marketing your article is a great method to increase the number of visitors. It means writing unique and informative articles in your field and distributing them across article directories like ezine etc. If the content of the article is good people will visit your website to know more.

Social networking

Use Social networking sites for social marketing. Have pages where visitors can interact. Your blog should be linked to the site if you don’t have a blog section on the website. These all steps promote user interactions and ensure visitor’s loyalty (i.e. they return to the website).

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